CRANIMAX is a software company that is based in Germany. It specializes in developing software that assists users plan smarter and more accurate lifting operations.

CRANIMAX’s first release was Cranimation in 2003. It was used to calculate crane ground bearing pressures. In 2011, the company developed Crane Manager, followed by CM 2014 which were both significant upgrades to Cranimation.

Following the success of CM 2014, CRANIMAX released CRANEbee in 2019.

CRANEbee provides more options than the previous versions, and is noticeably more user friendly. It includes databases of over 400 cranes. All data and ground bearing pressure results calculated by CRANEbee are endorsed by the crane manufacturers.

Some of the features CRANEbee enables its users to perform include the following:

View all the possible crane models and their configurations that could perform a particular lift, based on object weight, crane radius, boom tip height and obstacles.

Automatically generate graphical reports with models of the lifting environment in 3D.

Calculate the crane’s ground bearing pressure throughout the lifting operation.

Export all the results to AutoCAD in 3D format, enabling the user to create a detailed lift plan in 3D.

Multi Crane Lift: CRANEbee allows the user to prepare a lifting study using multiple cranes at the same time.